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I'm a PhD candidate in Complex Systems and Brain Sciences at Florida Atlantic University. I'm currently studying the neural dynamics of visual perception.

Martyrdom as an Antifragile Narrative

In Dan Carlin’s recent Common Sense podcast ‘Arab Spring Fever’ (I recommend this podcast very highly, especially if you are interested in how the US might internally restructure itself to continue evolving and avoid stagnation and decay), he mentions one … Continue reading

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Structure and Process

A structure constrains a process, a process entails a structure. Structure is the relation among processes. Process is the ongoing dynamics over a structured manifold. Process leads to the alteration of structure, which in turn modifies the ongoing dynamics. Creativity … Continue reading

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Perception, Prediction, and Antifragility

I’ve recently picked up a copy of Nassim Taleb’s latest book Antifragile, and have been very excited about what I’ve read so far. Taleb introduces his concept of antifragility as being the opposite of fragility — something he insists ‘robustness’ … Continue reading

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Reductionism, Emergence, and Consciousness

Famed neuroscientist and self-proclaimed ‘romantic-reductionist’ Christof Koch has publicly endorsed a ‘panpsychist’ metaphysic in his latest book (see a short discussion here on my friend Matt’s ‘footnotes2plato’ blog). In other words, Koch believes ‘mind’ to be a fundamental aspect of … Continue reading

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